Stamp Duty On Leave And License Agreement In Uttar Pradesh

b) Where a stamp used for an instrument has been rendered unusable accidentally in accordance with Section 19 because it was written in violation of the provisions of Section 18, the collector may, upon request, within six months of the date of the instrument or, if it is a riot, by the person whose first or solo execution it was executed , and on the device, if with the obligation, with the corresponding obligation are renamed, cancel and leave as corrupt the mark thus abused or rendered unusable. (a) no instrument admitted as evidence in the event of a Section 39 conviction is notified for up to one month from the date of the backfill, or if the collector has certified that it is necessary to continue his detention and has not rescinded this certificate; (viii) inadvertently and un conceived, and in which another instrument is executed between the same parts and executed and duly stamped for the same purpose: c) in the case of an instrument in which an instrument was performed by one of the parties, within six months of the date of the instrument or, if it is not dated , within six months of its execution by the person, of which it was performed first or solo: b) when a contract or agreement of any kind is made up by correspondence consisting of two or more letters and one of the letters bearing the appropriate stamp, contract or agreement is considered to be duly stamped; If we look at all applicable laws in the country, we can see that all agreements, to be valid and applicable in court, must be certified and executed properly. However, the same tax would be the same as under the laws of the state concerned. If electronic tagging facilities are provided for by national legislation, they will also be used to achieve the goal of a paperless economy. While some governments have yet to accept the value and legitimacy of e-agreements and electronic stamps. Both the state and the central government are eager to conclude clear e-agreement and electronic stamping agreements to save time and money and simplify business. A copy or authenticated extract as an authentic copy or extract, by or on the order of an official and, for the time being, is not in force under existing legislation, if the original was not taxable or if the original was intended to exceed ten rupees:ii) in another case that is not covered by the provisions of Section 7 (c) when a guarantee, security or ancillary or additional security or replacement with additional insurance to the above object if the primary or primary security is duly stamped, for each guaranteed sum, no more than 1000, or for every 1000 r. or part of that guarantee is guaranteed, if it considers that this instrument is properly stamped or is not subject to a service obligation , it must certify, by a mention, that it is duly stamped or that it is not subject to tax; Certification is not a record and should not be confused.